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Empowering founders, entrepreneurs and businesses at every stage of their journey with innovative solutions for sustainable success

Let's take your business to the next level


We're your go-to team, combining the nurturing support of an incubator with the rapid momentum of an accelerator, all within an environment dedicated to fueling your entrepreneurial success.



At our company, we're dedicated to making your ideas a reality, collaborating closely with you from concept to execution, ensuring that your vision is thoroughly understood and moreover, expertly crafted into something truly remarkable, impactful, and sustainable.



With our robust network and comprehensive financing tools, we ensure that your concepts not only take shape but also receive the necessary funding to thrive, empowering you with the resources needed to turn your ideas into successful ventures, guiding you every step of the way.


Business Development

We extend our services to support your venture's long-term viability beyond its inception, with a commitment to lasting success. From initial conceptualization and funding to ongoing development, we're here to ensure your ideas evolve into enduring and thriving endeavors.

Our Projects

Discover our company's latest endeavors, spanning diverse sectors and embodying our commitment to innovation and social responsibility


Waste to Energy

This project revolves around a waste-to-energy company dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions, transforming waste into clean, renewable energy sources. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, our goal is to minimize environmental footprint while satisfying the increasing demand for energy in an eco-friendly manner.

Cars for Sale


Dedicated to the evolving urban transportation, our project focuses on optimizing mobility fleets for personal and commercial use by enhancing passenger experiences through innovative technology and efficient logistics. We're committed to creating seamless journeys that prioritize convenience, safety, and sustainability for all passengers.

Geschäftsstelle Meeting

Coworking Spaces

With an rapidly changing work environment we are creating a concept for a coworking company that provides a dynamic ecosystem where entrepreneurs thrive, fostering collaboration and growth. We focus on delivering unparalleled networking opportunities and comprehensive business development support within a sustainable-focused environment.


Infrastructure and Firewall Upgrade

Faced with the strategic goal of enhancing their network security and internet reliability, a medium-sized enterprise enlisted our services to transition from a small third-party service to a leading internet provider and implement an advanced in-house firewall solution. Our proficiency in network security and infrastructure transformation led to a seamless transition, notably boosting their internet service quality and security.


Office Expansion

Tasked with the ambitious project of establishing a second office in Berlin for a real estate company, we spearheaded the development of a new network infrastructure and the recovery of a critical DATEV system. Our in-depth approach allowed us to navigate complex challenges, ensuring seamless operations between the two locations.


Socio-cultural Project

This initiative was centered on organizing a culturally enriching film festival, curated to showcase socially relevant topics, spearheaded by a registered association. Through thought-provoking cinema and engaging discussions, we strive to promote dialogue, understanding, and positive social change within our community.

Our Service

In order to accommodate your distinctive requirements, we offer services across the following areas

Strategy and Marketing


Our strategy service merges management and strategy consulting to effectively guide daily operations and steer new ventures from their inception to successful realization. We seek to align with each client's unique vision and objectives, ensuring tailor-made strategies that resonate with their specific business goals and culture. Our service delivers comprehensive solutions that encompass business model design, product and service conceptualization, process optimization and innovation and change management.


Financial Consulting

Our financial service offerings cover a broad spectrum, including business finance, corporate finance, investments, and risk management. In business finance, we handle the daily management of company finances, encompassing controlling, accounting, and reporting. Our corporate finance expertise focuses on effective capital management, budgeting, liquidity strategies, and in-depth financial analysis and modeling. The focus hereby is to guide strategic investments to foster business growth and maximize returns.


Information and Technology

We provide custom support that ranges from network infrastructure planning and implementation to telephone and security system installations. The  emphasis is in upgrading existing technology systems to boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance performance. Our team possesses a deep understanding of aligning technology solutions with specific business needs. We excel in clearly communicating complex technical information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring clarity and satisfaction for all parties involved.


Sustainablity Consulting

Our methodology addresses the complex environmental and economic challenges of today, while fostering social responsibility. We redesign frameworks that propel organizations towards sustainable growth, positively impacting both their business model and reputation. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to optimizing value creation and securing livelihoods, which drives competitiveness in a green economy. This is achieved through innovative product design and active community engagement within a circular economy.


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